“The symbols of the state, the anthem, the flag and the emblem are, in normal circumstances, symbols that unify and mobilize the citizens of the respective state, but in Kosovo even after ten years of the declaration of its independence, this is not happening, giving the developments in the country.

Publicist Milazim Krasniqi, a professor at the Journalism Department at the University of Prishtina, talking to Radio Free Europe, points out that there is still confusion about the symbols of the state of Kosovo, as is the ideological position among the Kosovo Albanians.

According to him, the citizens still remain divided in two streams, one that calls for irredentism with the illusion of joining Albania and the other stream, that of Kosovo’s independence. The first line, as Professor Krasniqi says, is more aggressive in his rhetoric and actions and in some ways has frightened the other stream.

According to him, political elites are the main culprits for, as he says, the game with symbols.

‘Under normal circumstances, the symbols are called symbols, but they should be myths. So what does the state mobilize, the citizens of a country. This has not happened to us. I say that the main fault is the ideological confusion, the calculations made by the political elites and why not the public education. For all these years, public education does not have a clear platform on how state values ​​should be affirmed and how citizens should be identified with this state.'” (translated from REF/RL Albanian lanuage)