“Spain has said Kosovo should be excluded from an EU plan to accelerate Western Balkans enlargement.

‘The concept of ‘WB6′ does not fit the enlargement dynamic. Kosovo is not part of the enlargement process and has its own differentiated framework,’ the Spanish foreign ministry said in an informal paper sent to the European Commission and seen by EUobserver.

WB6 is Brussels jargon for the six Western Balkans EU aspirants – Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

They have all been promised EU membership one day, but Kosovo cannot make normal progress because Spain as well as Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Slovakia do not recognise it as a sovereign country.

Spain drew its line in the sand ahead of commission plans to adopt a new Western Balkans policy next Tuesday (6 February).

The Spanish ministry said the commission ought to ‘draw a clear distinction between the enlargement process’ and the EU’s broader ‘political strategy’ for the region.

It also warned, in a nod to Serbia’s non-recognition of Kosovo, that ‘enlargement is not a conflict-prevention instrument.'” (EU Observer)