“State Secretary Andrej Logar and US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Wess Mitchell held bilateral political consultations between Slovenia and the United States.

The two sides agreed that the relations between the two countries are solid and strategic for both sides, as they connect traditional friendship, the NATO alliance, and successfully cooperate on a number of international issues. They agreed that exchange of visits at all levels is also important for strengthening mutual relations.

The talks focused on the current situation in Europe, with an emphasis on the Western Balkans. DS Logar explained to the interlocutor the state of the implementation of the arbitration decision between Slovenia and Croatia and the importance of respecting the rule of law in the Western Balkans and in the European Union. He also presented the recently published EU strategy towards the Western Balkans and invited the US to play an active role and bilateral cooperation with Slovenia in the framework of initiatives in the region.” (translated from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)