“Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar emphasized that the data show that public servants also enjoy economic growth. He said the majority of wages in the public sector has increased by more than 10% in the last two years, while the average wage has risen by 7%. According to him, public sector wages are growing slightly faster than in the private sector for the fourth consecutive year.

The predicted strike wave is not justified in his assessment. He said that all of the predicted strikes were for the sake of striking – strikes ‘for a little more’ – and not for strikes to fulfill the rights violated by employees or commitments not met by the employer. Such strikes are not required by law to be paid. However, Koprivnikar added that the payment of the strike has always been one of the strike requirements and the subject of negotiations.

The Minister rejected the allegations that the government is not responding. Lastly, he said, they sat until the end of the week with the whole team on the government negotiating sides until the late evening hours and were looking for opportunities for constructive bargaining proposals. ‘I have the feeling that it is trying to create a sense of chaos and confusion in the public. I assure you that there is definitely no government on this side,’ he stressed.” (translated from 24ur)