“President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor responded today to the reactions of the Serbian political leadership to his statement that Slovenia will endeavor to recognize Kosovo in the EU member states that have not yet done so. He stressed that the issue of Kosovo is one of the most important political issues where Slovenia and Serbia have distinctly different positions.

The Office of the Republic of Slovenia has emphasized that Pahor is striving to resolve problems and not worsen them despite some important differences between the countries of the Western Balkans, and that he also made a very clear statement on the issue of Slovenia’s assistance to Kosovo. He believes that, despite the well-known Serbian rejection of the possibility of diplomatic recognition of Kosovo, Belgrade’s official should have taken into account the statement of the fulfillment of the conditions that Slovenia expects from Kosovo, if they are to promise its assistance, the Pahor office added.

Belgrade was bitten by a statement made by Pahor on his recent visit to Kosovo for RTV Kosovo. She said that if Kosovo fulfills the conditions – the lead ‘very honest talks with Belgrade,’ respected the Brussels agreements by establishing a federation of Serbian municipalities, and ratifying the agreement on the border with Montenegro – there are no reasons why Slovenia would not sincerely supported Kosovo’s full recognition among all EU Member States. ‘As a friend of Kosovo, we are ready to set our reputation for convincing the EU countries – five of them who have not done so – in order to finally recognize the independence of Kosovo,’ he said.” (translated from Sio1)