“The letter in which Slovenia will set out its arguments for a lawsuit against Croatia over the border arbitration impasse has been given the go-ahead from the prime minister to be discussed by the government on Thursday before it is presented to the parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee and sent to Brussels.

The letter to the European Commission, which is the first step in the procedure before Slovenia can turn to the Court of Justice of the EU, was presented to PM Miro Cerar by Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec on Wednesday.

Speaking after the meeting, Erjavec said that he had been given a green light for the contents of the letter to be presented to the government behind closed doors at the weekly session tomorrow.

Cerar said that apart from sending the letter to Brussels, the government would adopt a resolution saying that if the European Commission fails to initiate proceedings against Croatia, this should be done by the Slovenian government.

‘This way the government, while being still fully empowered, will take a key decision that can then be executed by the government before or after the election, even though no longer fully empowered,’ Cerar told reporters.” (Slovenia Times)