“Believers around Slovenia flocked to Christmas Eve Mass last evening, the culmination of religious celebrations of Christmas. Slovenian bishops stressed Christmas brings the message of light and hope, while criticising consumerism in their Christmas Day message.

Archbishop of Ljubljana Stanislav Zore told worshippers at St Nicholas’s Cathedral in Ljubljana that God did not create man for darkness and fear.

‘He created him out of love, placing him in Eden, so that he could enjoy the gifts of God, and rejoice at his Creator and his closest of kin.’

According to Zore, God is love and has not turned away from man, although man doubts his love. This is what holidays remind us of and what makes them so beautiful.

He said that while holidays do not ignore the darkness or man’s ability to decide for evil, they remain full of hope and deep faith that God, faithful to itself, will deliver on his promise.” (Slovenia Times)