“Petrol has adopted a strategy for 2018-2022 that envisages sales revenue for the energy group to rise to EUR 5.3bn ($6.12 billion) and net profit to EUR 116m ($134.1 million) by 2022. This compares to EUR 4.5bn ($5.2 billion) and EUR 81.1m ($93.76 million) in 2017. Investments in fixed assets are expected to total EUR 521m ($602.34 million) in the 2018-2022 period.

The sales revenue target for 2022 exceeds the one projected for this year by 17%, EBITDA, expected to reach EUR 233m ($257.82 million) by 2022, would rise by 37% and net profit by 33%, says the strategy, which was confirmed by the supervisory board on Monday.

The volume of petroleum products sold is expected to amount to 3.34m tonnes, a 10% increase on the 2018 plan.

Revenue from merchandise is also expected to rise significantly, to EUR 700m ($809.32) from the EUR 550m ($635.89) projected for this year.” (Slovenia Times)