“Croatia should do more to prevent illegal migration if it wants to join the Schengen Area, warned Slovenian Caretaker Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Tuesday, and added that Croatia must respect the rule of law.

After meeting with leaders of the parties in the newly-elected parliament, in which illegal migration was one of the main topics, Cerar said that he was worried about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding that the country did not have the proper mechanisms to face the problems surrounding migration.

‘We need to start dealing with this so that we would not end up with a great concentration of migrants on the external Schengen border,’ Cerar said.

He added that the party leaders supported his caretaker government’s measures regarding increased military and police presence on the border with Croatia.

‘Of course it’s in Slovenia’s interest for Croatia to join Schengen because it would make border protection easier, but the Croatian government must fulfil the conditions for that, and prove that it is capable of efficiently protecting the border, while at the same time show it’s prepared to respect the legal principles and European regulations,’ Cerar said after the meeting.”(N1)