“Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec has received a letter from Washington, in which US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “reiterates known American positions” on solving the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia, the Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday. According to the Foreign Ministry, the secretary of state did not explicitly mention the arbitration agreement nor the importance of respecting the arbitration award. According to a report by news portal Siol.net, this is a disappointment for Ljubljana, as the US is apparently leaning towards the Croatian side or at least ‘used the rhetoric which is significantly like the rhetoric of the Croatian diplomacy.'” (Slovenia Times)

“The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin awarded the mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Jankovic and Minister of Labor Anja Kopac Mrak with the order of friendship today (November 4). Putin awarded Jankovic for his contribution to the strengthening of Slovene-Russian relations and the preservation of the memory of Russian and Soviet soldiers who fell on Slovene territory during the 1st and 2nd World War, announced the City of Ljubljana. President Putin has distinguished eight individuals from five countries. Minister Anja Kopac Mrak and representatives from Russia, Serbia, France, Spain and Turkey received the award.” (translated from siol.net)

“More than 400 tourism business representatives have gathered in Portoroz for a general assembly of the Lufthansa City Center travel franchise network. The three-day event will feature a number of events and participants from 70 countries will also travel across Slovenia. Slovenia offers a lot of attractive activities also for experienced travellers, said one of the Lufthansa City Center executives, Andi-Julian Leta, referring to the country’s diversity.” (Slovenia Times)