“Mainly if not 100% thanks to Slovenia, there is the World Bee Daycelebrated for the first time on May 20 this year.

To celebrate World Bee Day, the Slovenian mission at the UN and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have inaugurated a Slovenian beehive at the UN headquarters in New York, made exclusively by Slovenian bees, known as the Carniola Bee.

‘The beehive was made by Matija Čemažar and will be taken care of by Andrew Cote from Bees Without Borders,’ STA reads.” (IBNA)

Ljubljana has come third among EU capitals in an Eurostat survey which looked into how happy people in 109 European cities are with the cleanliness of their city.

With 88% of its inhabitants satisfied with cleanliness, Ljubljana placed after Luxembourg (95%) and Vienna (90%) and ahead of Riga (81%) and Helsinki (80%).

However, the top among all the 109 cities came Ventspils in Latvia, where 99% of the respondents were satisfied with how clean their city is.” (Slovenia Times)