“Slovenia started implementing the border arbitration award on the ground on Saturday, an interior ministry official has said that Slovenian authorities control the country’s entire sea and have the situation under control despite infringements.Shortly before 7 AM three Croatian fishing boats, accompanied by Croatian police boats, entered Slovenian waters, Bostjan Sefic, a state secretary at the Slovenian interior Ministry, told reporters in Koper. Slovenian police responded by warning the Croatian fishing boats that they illegally crossed the state border and were committing an offence, so proper procedures would follow. The developments were documented, based on which the police will apply all necessary activities, Sefic said.” (Slovenia Times)

“Slovenia has taken over the presidency of the UN Human Rights Council, the leading international body in the field of human rights. Its priorities have been to increase the reputation and efficiency of the world, and improve dialogue and confidence in the organization. The Council will be headed by Ambassador Vojislav Suc.” (translated from 24 Ur)


“The lakeside resort of Bled, one of Slovenia’s top tourist attractions, marked a special milestone on Monday as they reached a million tourist nights in 2017, a new record. James Barrington, a British tourist who has been coming to Bled for 40 years, has been chosen as the recipient of a diploma for the millionth stay of the year, the Bled municipality said. Bled Mayor Janez Fajfar stressed that the millionth night was a very special milestone and one that has been reached much faster than initially thought, but he was quick to point out that quantity was not the only thing Bled was after.” (Slovenia Times)