“During his meeting with Slovenian Defense Minister Andreja Katič at the Pentagon today, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis thanked the minister for her country’s friendship and security partnership with the United States and NATO. Slovenia is a participant in the National Guard Bureau-managed State Partnership Program which began in 1991. The program includes 73 security partnerships involving 79 nations worldwide. States’ National Guard organizations partner with the armed forces or equivalent of a participant country in a mutually beneficial, cooperative security relationship.” (Department of Defense)

“Migration was one of the most important topics in which the parties gathered votes in the elections in Italy, Austria and Germany, as it seems to be, even before the elections in Slovenia. The opposition, SDS, proposes that the quotas of asylum seekers be abolished and measures to prevent the abuse of the right to international protection.

Members of the SDS yesterday submitted a proposal for recommendations to the National Assembly for consideration , among other things, to immediately stop all activities related to the quotas of asylum seekers who are in Italy and Greece. They also propose amendments to regulations in order to prevent the abuse of the right to international protection and that no one who would come to Slovenia through the territory of a safe country could even apply for international protection. According to the law that is being dealt with by France, it should be, according to the SDS, that the illegal border crossing is defined as a criminal offense. According to the opposition, all this is necessary because the ‘pressure of migrants on Europe does not break,’ and the quota system has all been played out by all EU members.” (translated from Delo)