“President of the Slovenia Borut Pahor concluded that it is clear from our experience and achievements that we must pay particular attention to one another, to our independent state and to a common Europe. He added that the responsibility for respecting each other and taking care of our state of interconnection and the development of our statehood is almost entirely on our shoulders.

‘The development of our statehood, where I refer to the state in the broadest sense – the political, legal, social and cultural state, is the basic leverage for our future national survival and development,’ Pahor emphasized, adding that the founding of the independent Slovene state was the most important result of our historical aspirations and will be, according to his main tool of national development, and the independent state will be the central lever of the national future.” (translated from Sio1)

“A Wisconsin man has gone missing while vacationing in Slovenia.

Jonathan Luskin’s parents in Madison fear their 25-year-old son may have been gravely injured while hiking in the Central European country. Allan Luskin and Susan Stone had been traveling with their son and his brother in Austria and Germany in June. Stone says Jonathan decided to extend his trip with a visit to Slovenia while the rest of the family returned to the U.S.” (Seattle Times)