“The mandate for the new Slovenian government, Marjan Šarec, said that the Arbitrary Tribunal’s decision in the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia should be respected and that respect for these decisions would be expected from Croatia.

Asked if his government will insist on implementation of the arbitration decision that Croatia has rejected, Šarec said that “international law should be respected” and “wait for the EU to make a decision on the rule of law”.

“The arbitral tribunal has decided that it has decided that this decision should be respected and not viewed as it is. As far as we are concerned, we respect the decision and demand that it be done by the other party,” Šarec said.” (translated from N1)

“The hearing of Andrej Šiško ended after five hours and the investigating judge did not order his detention. The leader of the Styrian Varde is free.

After the hearing, the duty state prosecutor proposed the order of detention for the purpose of repeated danger, but the prosecution failed to substantiate the suspicion of the alleged criminal offense. Šiško’s lawyer, Viktor Osim, confirmed that Šiško was again on the premises.” (translated from Delo)

Luka Koper will participate in the military exercise of the Nato Trident Juncture 18 in October helping with the logistic shift from Slovenia to Norway, NATO sources said, while checking that the Port of Koper could become an important NATO logistics point.The Slovenian contribution will include vehicles and personnel.

TV Slovenia reported on Wednesday that the Port of Koper could become an “important NATO logistics point.” On Thursday, on the basis of the statements of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense Karl Erjavec and Andrej Katič and the Ambassador of NATO to Jelko Kacin, it was clear that this was not the official center of the Alliance, confirmed today by non-Slovene sources at NATO in Brussels.” (translated from Sio1)