“On Sunday, Maribor’s Lent will be a traditional event – the harvesting of the Old Vine. This year will have a very strong diplomatic character. The event will be attended by the Ambassador of South and North Korea accompanied by delegations.

‘We visited North Korea last year when relations were the worst, when there were threats with rockets and nuclear bombs. Trump threatened with attack and so on,’ explained Igor Jurišič , President of the Travel Association of Slovenia.” (translated from Sio1)

“The Austrian border control with Slovenia is unjustified and disproportionate, the Interior Ministry said today in the latest announcement by Austria that it will extend the control of the internal Schengen border with Slovenia for another six-month period.

After the last extension, the control of the Schengen border expired on November 11, but Austria, which, contrary to the Schengen acquis, established control of the Schengen border with its neighbors in the midst of the refugee crisis in 2015 and has been extending it every half of the year since then, has already announced renewal. Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl announced on Wednesday that Vienna will soon inform the European Commission of its intention.” (translated from Sio1)