“The head of the largest party in Slovenia’s parliament, the anti-immigrant Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), told President Borut Pahor on Thursday he did not yet have sufficient support to become prime minister and form a government.

Janez Jansa, who is also a former two-time prime minister, posted a letter to the president on his Twitter account after Pahor last week gave Jansa another week to tell him whether he would accept the nomination to be prime minister.

Jansa said, however, that he expected he might be able to gain a majority in the coming weeks: ‘I base this expectation on the informal communications between parliamentary parties in the past days … which showed that most parties do not want early elections.'” (Reuters)

“The National Assembly passed in a cross-partisan vote on Thursday a bill that shields NLB bank from claims in Croatia, a move that paves the way for the privatisation of the country’s largest bank.

Carried by 59 votes to 11, the bill will protect the bank from claims in Croatia stemming from Yugoslav-era deposits of Croatian citizens with the defunct Ljubljanska Banka (LB), which have been proliferating in recent months.

It determines that the financial consequences stemming from such claims would be borne by the Slovenian Succession Fund, but the fund will cover only claims that would be enforced, not claims that the bank may settle voluntarily.” (Slovenia Times)