“Slovenia has received a major boost in its effort to get Croatia to implement the border arbitration award as the German weekly Der Spiegel revealed that the European Commission had been advised by its Legal Service to back up Slovenia’s positions in its case against the neighbour country.

The magazine released an eight-page legal opinion, dated 14 May, 2018, which the Legal Service drew up for the Commission before the three-month period expired for a response to Slovenia’s proposal to take Croatia to the EU court under Article 259 of the EU Treaty.” (Slovenia Times)

“The European Commission’s (EC) decision to reject a report by its legal department which favours Slovenia’s position in a territorial dispute with Croatia is a ‘bad message for future border agreements in the Western Balkans,’ Slovenian President Borut Pahor told Slovenia’s STA news agency.

‘The European Commission has missed an opportunity to comply with its own legal department and to send a message that ratified bilateral agreements must be respected and make sure an arbitrary agreement defines the border,’ Pahor said, commenting on an article by the German ‘Der Spiegel’ newspaper, which said that most of the complaints Ljubljana submitted in its lawsuit against Croatia, blaming it of not implementing the arbitrary decision on the border, were justified.

‘That is the core of the opinion the Commission did not take into account on political grounds,’ he stressed.” (N1)