“Slovenia says it is ready to up the ante in a dispute with Croatia over fishing rights that also has major ramifications for EU enlargement plans in the Balkans.

Slovenia and Croatia have been locked in a fight over their mutual border, including the boundary in the Bay of Piran in the Adriatic Sea, since the fall of Yugoslavia. Now, frustrated that Croatia will not accept an international arbitration ruling, Ljubljana is threatening to open up new legal and diplomatic fronts.

Two diplomats said Slovenia plans to take the case to adjudication in Brussels by filing an Article 259 infringement proceeding against its neighbor.

Resorting to Article 259 is a big step as the measure is used to confront a nation for acting outside EU treaty obligations. An EU legal expert said it was an extreme step that could lead to a ruling from Brussels or the European Court of Justice (ECJ). It could ultimately result in fines or even restrictions on EU voting rights if Croatia ignores a decision from the Commission or the ECJ.” (Politico)