“The ruling SMC, the Desusa SD coalition was considering the possibility of recognizing Palestine as an independent country shortly after taking office in 2014. A possible twist could occur on Wednesday when members of the Foreign Policy Committee will have a decision on the recognition of Palestine at the table.

If the decision is given majority support, the National Assembly could decide on the recognition of Palestine (Palestinian territories) as independent and sovereign states at a March or April session, possibly the last in the mandate of the current composition of the National Assembly.

A convincing majority has been formed in the parliament in favor of the recognition of the Palestinian state, supported by the coalition parties, the Party of Alenka Bratušek and the parliamentary group Levice, which also proposes a decision to recognize the new Middle East country. The opposition right-wing parties are slightly more reserved – the NSi and the SDS warn against the hasty and soloist moves of Slovenia.” (translated from Delo)