“The issue of Kosovo is ‘difficult for Serbia’ – and one of the conditions put before Serbia, says Slovakia’s foreign minister.

This is the case ‘because the EU does not want to be put in the position of a judge,’ Ivan Korcok told students at University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Sciences.

The Slovak official reiterated that his country will will remain consistent, and will not recognize Kosovo.

‘As far as we are concerned, nothing has changed. We will not recognize Kosovo, not because of Serbia, although we understand your situation, but because for us this is a matter of principles, and we will remain consistent,’ Korcok said in Belgrade on Tuesday.

Korcok presented to the students ‘a global picture of the EU over the last ten years,’ which he said had been ‘the most challenging since this community has existed,’ adding that, “it all started with the 2008 world economic crisis.”

‘We took serious measures to stabilize the euro and just as we thought that the financial crisis was over, the crisis in Ukraine followed,’ he said, adding that the problem is still relevant ‘because there has been no agreement with Russia, and people are still getting killing in that (Eastern) part of Ukraine.'” (B92)