“The surveillance cameras at the time of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, installed at his party’s premises had been turned off, but then were on only ten minutes later – stated Ksenija Bozovic, the deputy of Ivanovic on the answer given by the Prosecutor following their question, ‘what had been seen on the footage?’ Bozovic spoke about the murder of the Serbian politician and the investigation in the latest Slobodno Srpski talk show.

‘I received this answer – that our cameras were not functioning on 4th January until 10 minutes after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic took place. This was also confirmed by some international representatives. I have not seen the footage though,’ she said, adding however:

‘But, considering that I know Oliver Ivanovic personality and that we all knew that he received different threats, he wouldn’t allow these cameras to be out of function for 12 days because of all of us.’

She repeated numerous criticisms against the investigation raising her objections from the moment she had spotted the bullet shells at the scene and the ignorance of a police officer on duty, the late arrival of police officers, a phone call of one of them, an unsecured scene, statement taking, and her request for the camera receiver from Ivanovic’s office to be returned four months after the investigation.” (KosSev)