“European power operators say a dispute between Serbia and Kosovo is sapping a small amount of energy from the continent’s electricity grid and causing electronic clocks to run several minutes late across Europe.

The Brussels-based power operators association ENTSO-E said on March 7 that “political disagreements” between the Balkan neighbors have caused a decrease in the electric frequency in the continental network since mid-January.

‘The decrease in frequency average is affecting those electric clocks that are steered by the frequency of the power system and not by a quartz crystal,’ it said in a statement.

As a result, clocks for radio alarms, ovens, and heating systems currently are running about six minutes late in all Western European countries, it said.

The power association said it ‘is urging European and national governments and policy makers to take swift action’ to resolve the dispute between Serbian and Kosovar authorities that it said ‘has led to the observed electricity impact.'” (RFE/RL)