“I have been trying to avoid wasting time commenting on the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies call for partition of Kosovo in its ill-considered report ironically entitled ‘West Side Story.’ But the partition idea never seems to die. Last week’s ‘fake news, wishful thinking‘ is the latest example of the Belgrade press spinning up the idea. And more than one friend has suggested to me in private that there must be something cooking.

The CEAS report is a transparent effort to make the West more palatable to Serbian President Vucic by suggesting NATO might lead an effort to give him northern Kosovo as compensation for normalizing relations with Pristina. It fails not only as a strategic concept but also on the merits.

CEAS proposes ‘adjustment’ of what it considers the administrative boundary with Kosovo to incorporate Northern Mitrovica, Zvecan, Zubin Potok and Leposavic into Serbia, without any exchange for Albanian populated communities in southern Serbia. This comes (and here I have to quote because the assertion makes no sense at all)” (Full post on Daniel Serwer’s Blog, Peacefare)