“Aleksandar Vucic has said that the ZSO can only be formed in accordance with the Brussels agreement, its principles and the implementation plan.

Reacting to EU’s stance on the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in Kosovo – after an EU spokesperson told Tanjug on Tuesday that this would be done “in accordance with Kosovo laws and objections of the Kosovo Constitutional Court – the president said, “let them show us where this is written.”

Vucic also said he was ‘surprised by this statement.’

‘I want to them to show us where this is written in the Brussels agreement, I know the Brussels agreement by heart, you can find it on the websites of the government, the president, the Office (for Kosovo and Metohija), it does not say that anywhere,’ Vucic told RTS late on Tuesday.

He assessed that, after such statements, ‘it is unambiguously clear who is Serbia’s friend, and who it cannot call by that name.’

‘The only thing that is good here is that when they say this publicly they are showing people in Serbia what negotiations in Brussels are like, how difficult it is, what one is facing,’ the president said.” (B92)