“Three conclusions were adopted during today’s joint session of the Serbian Government and Srpska Lista in Belgrade: A conclusion on the acceptance of the report on the need for a more complex and long-term approach to investments in the development of municipalities in Kosovo with Serb majority, a conclusion on the need to establish a working group for drafting a law regulating the issue of financial support and aid to Kosovo Serbs and a conclusion on the allocation of 300 million RSD to start the funding of some of the 76 projects also adopted today – a total value of about 6.1 billion RSD.

Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, spoke about the safety situation in Kosovo, addressing „the extremely difficult months in which there were more than 70 attacks and various incidents against Kosovo Serbs.

Brnabic also mentioned the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, stressing that there was no cooperation with the Pristina institutions in the investigation.

She also recalled the arrest of Marko Djuric, ‘the horrifying terror’ against Srpska Lista, the incident in the village of Banje during Vucic’s visit, as well as the incidents which occurred during Hashim Thaci’s visit of Lake Gazivode and the initiative to transform the KSF into Kosovo Army.” (KosSev)