“Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic sasay Serbia will recognize Kosovo and allow to have the UN chair ‘when pigs fly.’

Dacic also stressed that Pristina authorities are sending ‘very different messages that have nothing to do with reality’ on a daily basis.

Compromise should be sought on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija, he continued, and described Hashim Thaci’ statement regarding a merger of (Kosovo) with Presevo by saying that Thaci ‘must say something, because he is under attack from all sides.’

‘They will not talk about correction (of the border), but they want Presevo ​​and Bujanovac (two municipalities in the central part of southern Serbia)? They’re very clever. And you know when that will happen, when Kosovo will join the UN, when we’ll recognize them as a state? When pigs fly,’ Dacic told reporters while visiting the embassy of Greece in Belgrade.” (B92)