“Ivica Dacic has told Prva TV why he believes partitioning the territory of Kosovo and Metohija is the solution to the dispute between Belgrade and Pristina.

‘I have been talking about a partition for about 10, 15 years, and I think it’s the only possible and fast solution. However, this is not the only solution, all possible options should be considered,’ the first deputy PM and foreign minister said.

‘For the West, the only option is the recognition of Kosovo’s independence. There is a lack of solutions that can be implemented, and there is also a lack of proposals. It would be good for everyone to present their proposals, rather than go with nationalistic positions that are not acceptable to either side,’ Dacic said.

He also commented on the statement of the Kosovo head of diplomacy, who said the answers to the questions about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic are in Belgrade.

‘That is a direct accusation that Belgrade is guilty of Ivanovic’s murder, while he had been put in prison by Kosovo Albanians (who accused Ivanovic of war crimes), and I spoke against such a decision at the UN Security Council. Pristina is conducting an investigation (into the murder) and why there have been no answers is a question for the Kosovo authorities, but also for the EU, because it asked for security services to be integrated into Kosovo’s services,’ Dacic said.” (B92)