“The initiative of the Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin for finally resolving the Serbian national question is a permanent demarcation between the Serbs and Albanians established in KiM (Kosovo).

Serbia must find an answer to the core question: How to stop the creation of a ‘Greater Albania?’ This process must begin in Kosovo and Metohija. The problem of the southern province, however, can not be terminated without the final opening of the national question of the Serbian people as a whole, without which there is no lasting peace in the Balkans.

In the framework of the internal dialogue on the future of KiM, this message was delivered by Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin on Tuesday in the Palace of Serbia. Participating in a roundtable entitled ‘Political, Security and Defense Aspects of the Kosovo-Metohija Problem,’ he expressed his personal opinion – that the time has come to resolve the national issue that Serbia has failed to resolve in the last two centuries. Preventing the realization of the idea of ​​a ‘Greater Albania,’ he says, is just the first step.

‘A permanent and safe separation between the Serbs and Albanians must be established in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, with the implementation of everything that has been agreed so far. The Albanian factor in the Balkans is unique, with clear ideas and directions. Serbia can not afford to create a ‘Greater Albania,’ and its borders are determined by others. We have to admit that, so that we do not seek a solution with Pristina, but with Tirana,’ said the Minister of Defense.” (translated from Vecernje Novosti)