“Pristina wants a country, but does not want Serbs in that country, Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin told Cacak, condemning the attack on Serb returnees in Kosovo and Metohija.

‘Pristina will do everything to prevent Serbs from returning to their own country, and the international community, although it took responsibility in accordance with Resolution 1244 to ensure the undisturbed return to all those who left Kosovo and Metohija, does not work when the Serbs are in question,’ added Vulin.

He said that the second day we knew that the Serbs were stoned, as they know, by which time they were forbidden to go to their church for a holiday to burn a candle for those who love and visit the graves that are mostly destroyed, and sometimes overcrowded.

‘The international community has not allowed that,’ said Minister Vulin, adding that ‘we are waiting for two days for someone from the international community to say that somebody says this is barbarism, savagery, that this is the behavior of criminals who must be punished.'” (translated from RTS)