“Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić refused to meet his counterpart from Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi on Friday for talks hosted by the European Union, underscoring the difficulties the former wartime foes still face in agreeing on a permanent peace settlement.

Serbian officials made a range of complaints against Kosovo’s authorities in justifying Vučić’s decision to meet only with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and not Thaçi at the talks in Brussels. Among their protests, they accused Kosovo officials of vetoing part of a trip Vučić has been planning to make to Kosovo at the weekend.” (Politico)

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that it is a lie that he had agreed to “surrender to Kosovo” by the end of the year and that he only wants to win more rights for Serbs in Kosovo through compromise. He added that Serbia has no draft solution for Kosovo, nor is it close to one.

‘It is an outright lie and no one wants any part of it. We only want to provide you with as many rights as possible,’ he stressed and added that the solution is nowhere in sight.

When they get closer to finding a solution, he said he would notify ‘not Belgrade, but Mitrovica.’

He noted that he does not want to change the borders, but more rights for Serby in Kosovo.

‘I want to ensure your right to life, liberty, work, education and movement,” the President said and added that he will fight “that our church remains our own and with our property, so we wouldn’t find ourselves in the situation that our churches get displaced.'” (N1)

“About 200 Kosovo war veterans blocked the road leading to the Serb-populated village of Banje on Sunday, during Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s second and final day in the country. Roads leading to the region were blocked by wooden logs, trucks and heavy machinery.

Vucic and his entourage were later stopped by Kosovo police on the road to the Drenica region and were told they couldn’t continue for security reasons.

The Serbian leader said at a rally later in the day that he remains committed to reaching a compromise with Kosovo which could, in turn, open the way for both countries to move towards membership with the European Union.” (Euronews)

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke of Slobodan Milosevic and Gazimestan in his speech in Kosovo today: “‘And almost thirty years ago, not far from here, hundreds of thousands of people, and Slobodan Milosevic was then large enough to gather them in that number, Gazimestan, welcomed the end of his speech, famous or uninvited, depends on who and why he interprets it , do you remember how?

Milosevic was a great Serbian leader, his intentions were certainly the best, but our results were much worse. Not because he wanted it, but because the wishes were not realistic, and the interests and aspirations of other nations were neglected and defeated. And that’s why we paid the highest and most difficult price,’ Vučić added.

Vucic also spoke about the relationship between Serbia and NATO, saying that Serbia ‘jealously wants to protect its independence and military neutrality.'” (translated from al-Jazeera Balkans)

“The port of Novi Sad is being offered for sale by the Serbian Ministry of the Economy at a starting price of 15.98 million Euros.

The ministry invitation for offers said 99.4 percent of the shares in the river port in the northern city is being sold. Offers have to be submitted by October 22 and will be opened on October 24.” (N1)