“In an open letter to Serbs in Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said Pristina will ‘not lift a finger’ to establish the agreed-upon Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo.

The association is designed to give Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo limited autonomous powers. The plan resulted from the European Union’s 2013 Brussels Agreement, which is intended to normalize relations between Serbia and Kosovo, but the proposal has been on hold since then.

Saturday is the deadline by which the Kosovo government is supposed to finish the first draft of the statute for the association. Pristina has insisted the deadline will be met, but Vucic expressed doubt.

‘All the warnings and suspicions that I have been expressing the whole time are being confirmed and are coming true,’ Vucic said in the letter, a translation of which was provided by Serbian broadcaster b92. ‘Pristina will not lift a finger… to form the Community of Serb Municipalities.'” (Deutsche Welle)

“The Army of Serbia has preventively raised the combat readiness on the entire country’s territory due to the tensions in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian media said on Saturday.According to the Belgrade-based daily newspaper Vecernje Novosti, the security services intensified their activities in order to prevent the alleged plans of the authorities in Pristina to trigger unrest but also the activities of certain circles in Serbia who, the daily said, disturb the Serb population in the area lying north and south of the Ibar river.” (N1)

“The Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration has marked 23 years since Croatia’s military-police operation ‘Storm.’The operation resulted in more than 200,000 Krajina (ethnic) Serbs expelled from their homes in Croatia.

More than 2,000 people were killed or went missing, and the memory of a dozen kilometers long column of refugees who arrived in Serbia through Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) testifies to one of the most massive exoduses ever in this region.

Since the beginning of the wars in the territory of the former Yugoslavia in 1991, 610,000 Serbs from Croatia and BiH took refuge in Serbia, of whom approximately 18,000 still have the status of a refugee from Croatia.” (B92)