“A disgruntled citizen on Friday in Nis threw leaflets and shouted ‘killers,’ and, ‘Kosovo is Serbia,’ during an address by the US ambassador. The leaflets read, ‘No to NATO (membership),’ and were distributed by the protester from the balcony during Kyle Scott’s speech at an event held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in this southern Serbian town. The citizen was escorted out of the room by the police.
Scott’s speech was dedicated to ‘the misunderstandings of the US policy in Serbia,’ and the diplomat toured the Faculty earlier in the day, Beta said in its report.  The local website Juzne Novosti said that despite the heckling and ‘the thrown material,’ Scott ‘continued his presentation almost unimpeded.'” (B92)

“The Kosovo Assembly should pass a resolution supporting the candidacy of Natasa Kandic and the Humanitarian Law Center for the Nobel Peace Prize. Veton Surroi, a Kosovo Albanian author and publicist, made this proposal in a message posted on Facebook, Pristina-based daily Koha Ditore has reported, according to the website KoSSev. Surroi said Kandic and her organization did ‘a big job documenting war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and war crimes of Serbia in Kosovo. ‘The Humanitarian Law Center, founded by Natasa Kandic, is today the only reliable institution that documents the war in Kosovo and the crimes committed in it,’ he wrote. Surroi also stated that ‘during the years of the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, the voice of Natasa Kandic was clear in its loneliness and its own courage against Serbian fascism and fascism of others.'” (InSerbia)