“The United States Secretary of State named Ivana Radović a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Hero.  Ms. Radović is Head of Policy and Learning at ASTRA, one of Serbia’s premier grassroots anti-trafficking NGOs.  The Department of State also upgraded Serbia to Tier Two on its annual TIP Report, a reflection of the work that the Serbian Government did in 2017 to combat and suppress human trafficking.

Ms. Radović is the first TIP Hero from Serbia.  Secretary Pompeo selected her because of her exemplary work to strengthen Serbia’s response to human trafficking through advocacy and engagement with the government; the development of reports and resources for practitioners; and the provision of legal representation for victims, including free legal review of workers’ employment contracts to ensure compliance with labor laws.  The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade hopes that her excellent example will inspire future generations to work on preventing these kinds of crimes and working for justice for the victims.” (US Embassy in Serbia)

Erste Bank Serbia has become the first Serbian bank to receive EBRD financing for home energy efficiency through a RSD 600 million (equivalent to €5 million) loan for on-lending to residential clients.

The loan comes under the EBRD €85 million Green Energy Financing Facility for the Western Balkans, implemented in partnership with the Energy Community Secretariat. The initiative is designed to help local households, housing associations and service providers invest in energy efficiency measures and renewable energy projects.

Incentives and technical cooperation in support of green technology investments will be provided by the European Union, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the European Western Balkans Joint Fund under the Western Balkans Investment Framework.” (EBRD)

“Attorney Praveen Madhiraju said the vote at a US congressional committee regarding the murder of three Albanian brothers showed that Serbia has again become famous for protecting the war criminals, Serbian media reported.

‘President Aleksandar Vucic cannot bluff any longer on the path of becoming a trustworthy partner to the US. The Congress showed that President Vucic has a lot job to do,’ Madhiraju said.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a resolution calling on Serbia to solve the murders of the Bytyqi brothers, three Kosovo Albanian US citizens who were killed after being arrested by the Serbian police and the end of the 1990’s Kosovo war.” (N1)