“Serbia will on December 11 open new chapters in its accession negotiations with the EU, Tanjug reported on Thursday. This will happen during the inter-governmental conference, the agency said. Tanjug’s sources in Brussels said that consent of all 28 EU members is still awaited, and that whether two or three new chapters would be opened now depends on this.” (B92)

Ministers across Serbia have condemned the United Nation’s decision to remove Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj from the Interpol list. Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin contends that the move breaks the UNMIK stance on neutrality, while Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic claims he has only been dimmed from the Interpol list, not removed. He says that it was on behalf of Kosovo through the UNMIK since Kosovo is not a UN member. (Blic)

Aleksandar Vucic says he would ‘neither mock nor call cowardly’ Slobodan Praljak’s ‘act’- i.e., his suicide on Wednesday before the Hague Tribunal. Praljak was one of the leaders of Bosnian Croats during the 1990s war convicted of war crimes by the tribunal.Speaking on Thursday, Vucic said that he would nevertheless ‘have things to say to people in the EU about their double standards and statements about Serbia and Croatia regarding the latest judgments.’ He said he would ‘try to underline’ during a meeting today with representatives of EU countries what Serbia has been exposed to, and how they sometimes ‘play blind deaf, and sometimes also a little dumb, when it’s about somebody else.’ Vucic said that after last week’s ruling against VRS General Ratko Mladic, ‘only statements accentuating the future and expressing respect toward all victims, without running away from difficult topics, could be heard from Serbia.'” (InSerbia)

“The leaders of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia will meet on Friday, 8 December in Belgrade, two months after the summit in Varna, for talks on economic cooperation, regional stability and Serbia’s European integration. After Quadrilateral in Varna, Bulgaria in early October, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic will host the Prime Ministers of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, Alexis Tsipras, Boyko Borisov and Michael Tudozeu. The Prime Minister of Greece, will arrive in Belgrade on 8 December, a few hours after the end of the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Athens, according to the portal tornosnews.gr. The four leaders will meet for a second time to confirm commitment to cooperation for the benefit of their countries, but also other countries in the Balkans, writes Greek portal.” (translated from 021)