“Thousands of Serbians took to the streets of the capital Belgrade on Saturday to voice their opposition to the creeping authoritarianism of President Aleksandar Vucic and his administration. Braving the bitter cold and snow, the crowds blew whistles and horns, echoing demonstrations against former strongman Slobodan Milosevic.

‘Vucic, thief!’ protestors, including Belgrade’s mayor, Dragan Djilas, chanted.

Vucic is a former hardline nationalist who has said he now wishes to reform Serbia and steer it towards membership in the European Union. But last week, when a similar protest marked Serbia’s first major show of defiance since Vucic’s 2017 election, the president declared that he would not meet opposition calls for fair elections and uncensored media ‘even if there were five million people in the street.'” (Deutsche Welle)

“President Aleksandar Vucic announced he would attend a session of the UN Security Council, scheduled for next week, regardless of whether the session will be open for public or not.

‘I will tell the truth about how much effort we put to reach the compromise, and the other side didn’t want that,’ Vucic told Prva Television.

After an informal meeting held Friday evening at a request of Serbia, the UN Security Council scheduled a session for the next week to discuss the most recent developments in Kosovo.” (N1)

“Russia and Western countries were not able to reach consensus regarding the format of the UN Security Council (UNSC) session scheduled for Monday and devoted to Kosovo’s announcement on creating an army, a source in the Russian Permanent Mission to the United Nations told TASS on Friday.

‘Russia and Serbia demanded to hold UN Security Council session on Monday because of the situation that emerged after the so-called parliament in Pristina decided to turn the Kosovo armed forces into a full-fledged army, which contradicts Resolution 1244 envisaging only the presence of international forces in Kosovo,’ the source said. ‘With this aim, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will come to New York,’ the source added.”(TASS)