“Improving the business environment is of key importance for attracting US investments to Serbia.

This was announced after a meeting in Belgrade between President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic with former US Secretary of State John Kerry and US businessman Tim Collins.

According to the president’s press service, ‘during a working lunch they spoke about preserving of peace and stability in the region, and agreed that improving the business environment is of key importance for attracting US investments to Serbia.”‘  (B92)

“The President of China Xi Jinping could visit Serbia again for the second time in a year, and the earliest term is September – unofficially find out “Novosti”.

He accepted the invitation of President Aleksandar Vucic in March, and our sources say that the new meeting could be linked to the ‘business of the century,’ given that the Chinese state is interested in taking over RTB ‘Bor,’ which should go to tender by the end of June.” (translated from Vecernje Novosti)

“Serbian opposition Popular Party leader Vuk Jeremic said on Friday he would be suing President Aleksandar Vucic over what he said are accusations directed against him.

Vucic was asked by a reporter for the pro-government Pink TV about the arrests of two people allegedly linked to Jeremic on charges of bribery and replied that they were ‘a serious international gang of thieves.’ ‘I haven’t researched the case fully but we will be asking the American services about it. This is a serious gang of thieves at international level headed by Vuk Jeremic. This is not new we’ve known about this for a long time. Look at the fact that certain embassies are giving him money and you have to wonder what this is,’ The president said.

Belgrade daily newspaper Blic reported that former Hong Kong Minister Patrick Ho and former Senegalese Foreign Minister Cheikh Gadio were arrested on bribery charges in New York adding that they are close associates of Jeremic’s Center for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (CIRSD). Ho, who was arrested last November, and Gadio are charged with bribing officials in Chad and Uganda to secure oil rights.” (N1)