“The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, confirmed that he accepted the invitation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to visit our country again. Yesterday, Vucic received a letter from the President in which the Chinese President thanked him for congratulating him on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, as well as for the invitation to come to Serbia.

‘I pay great attention to the development of the Chinese-Serbian relations and I am ready to agree with you in the new year on the direction of developing bilateral relations, strengthening the cooperation of our two countries within the construction of the” Belt and Road “, as well as better coordination and cooperation on the issue international and regional relations aimed at improving and raising to a higher level of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Serbia. I am ready to meet again with you in a term that fits both sides,’ reads in the letter.” (translated from Politika)

Minister of Defense of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, said today in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) that Serbia has no greater interest than to preserve peace, security and stability in the region. For the celebration of the Day of the Municipality of Srebrenica on March 11, Vulin congratulated all citizens of Srebrenica on the government’s behalf and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, saying that Serbia and its leadership are always ready to help them preserve peace and stability.

‘For Serbia there is no greater interest than that peace, security and stability in this region are preserved and we will do everything that is necessary for that to happen,’ said Vulin, who was in Srebrenica at the invitation of of Mladen Grujicic.

Vulin has liked the citizens of Srebrenica to have friends like Serbia and to live peacefully in his city, to work in it and to be what they are.

‘Srebrenica today lives better. Citizens, regardless of religion and nation, have new jobs, kindergartens and new roads, have a better life. Now you see how bad and wrong it is to say that a Serb can not be the chief of Srebrenica. to be whatever he chooses his fellow citizens, and so it should be,’ Vulin said, and transferred the Ministry of Defense.” (translated from Novi Magazin)

“Direct flights between Iran and Serbia have resumed after a gap of 27 years with the landing on March 10 of an IranAir jet at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport.

With the resumption, some groups in Serbia have raised concerns that the flights might be used as a new route for migrants from Iran looking to remain permanently in Europe.

All flights on IranAir’s twice-weekly Tehran-Belgrade service have been fully booked until the end of the summer, Serbian media have reported.

Qeshm Air, another Iranian airline company, is also planning to launch a service between the countries on March 19.

The service was widely anticipated ever since Serbia signed a visa-liberalization deal with Iran in August 2017. Many of those flying on the service are expected to be Iranian nationals living in Europe.” (RFE/RL)