“If the European Union is only concerned with the relation to the Kosovo problem and sets the conditions for which it knows will not be fulfilled, and asks for justification so that Serbia is not its member, then consideration should be given to changing the priorities of our foreign policy,  Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin  said today commenting on the statement of the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi. It read that the attitude towards KiM (Kosovo) is a key condition for Serbia’s accession to the EU.

‘I do not know in whose name Mr. Fabrizi, the EU countries that have recognized Kosovo or those who are not, speak in the name of it? If our economy, our democracy, our management of the migrant crisis, our policy of peace and stability, which is progressing throughout the region, is not important for the European Union, if her key attitude towards resolving the Kosmet problem, the problems in which the EU was actively involved, is time to consider changing the priorities of our foreign policy,’ Vulin said in a statement to the public.” (translated from Vecernje Novosti)

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told Pais that European leaders do not look favorably on the friendship between Serbia and Russia, but that ‘there is nothing wrong with that friendship.’

The Madrid diary recalls that Aleksandar Vucic won the election with a great majority in the presidential election. He says that he is ‘a good juggler,’ that he has great appreciation for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and that at the same time he maintains close relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.” (translated from RTS)

“Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with Lithuanian President Dalia Gribauskaita, with whom he discussed the European path of Serbia and bilateral relations.

Aleksandar Vučić stressed that he wants the relations between the two countries to be better and that he hopes Lithuania will support the process of Serbia’s accession to the European Union, the President’s Media Relations Service said.

He expressed hope that economic cooperation will intensify in the coming period, as well as the realization of new Lithuanian investments in Serbia.” (translated from RTS)