“In the continuation of dialogue with Pristina, Belgrade will insist on determining what is Serbian property in Kosovo and Metohija. Cadastre shows that 58 percent of the land in the Serbian property – says Marko Djuric (Head of the Office of Kosovo and Metohija).

A solution of property relations in Kosovo and Metohija will be one of the key demands of the Serbian side in order to achieve a comprehensive normalization of relations with Pristina. Also, under the Brussels dialogue, Belgrade will seek a review of privatization in Kosovo and Metohija, and this initiative will officially address UNMIK (UN Mission in Kosovo) and EULEX (European Union Law of Rule Mission in Kosovo), as well as organizations responsible for interim management of Kosmet (short for Kosovo and Metohija).

For their demands, Belgrade has coverage in the papers, because cadastral records shows that 58 percent of the land in Kosovo and Metohija is Serbian property. The state and society own 29 percent, property of businesses is 14 percent, while in the private property of Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church is15 percent of the territory of the province.

‘We do not want anything that is someone else’s, or to manage resources that are vital to the survival of the Albanian people. We want to regulate what we have over the decades, renouncing our incomes from other parts of the country, built in Kosovo, and it is not few. We did a more comprehensive database that shows the Fund’s Investment Federation for lending to faster development of underdeveloped areas and provinces. It is estimated that from 1966 to 1990, Kosovo as a province of Serbia, only through this fund focused around $1.5 billion. And, we have documentation and all others who have invested in the province,’ said Djuric” (translated from Vecernji Novosti)