“The draft of a joint declaration of the Republika Srpska and Serbia on the survival of the Serb people is nearly completed, with come nuances remaining to be done.

This was stated by the Dean of the Faculty of Law and a member of the team working on the text of the declaration, Sima Avramovic.

‘Although it will be informally called a declaration, which means a proclamation or something that is desired, the act that is being prepared will nevertheless have more of a legal than a political character,’ Avramovic told the daily Vecernje Novosti.

He added that it will also have an international basis, as it relies on the agreement on special ties between the Serb Republic (RS) – the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina – and Serbia, which is in line with the Dayton Accord.

Avramovic recalled that the joint declaration will be presented on Statehood Day, February 15.

RS President Milorad Dodik said earlier that the text of the joint declaration was agreed and that both parliaments would adopt it by the feast of Sretenje, that is, Serbia’s Statehood Day.” (B92)