“Belgrade has been lobbying while Podgorica has been working, so the EU Enlargement Strategy has been set up so. It is unjust to put Montenegro in the same position, which has open 30 chapters, and Serbia, which has open 12, Croatian analyst Davor Đenero says for victory.

He commenting on the visit of the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker to the region – he stressed that it was just a good marketing.

‘The situation is this, Serbia has not only lobbied for itself, but has also been lobbying against countries that are in the process of getting closer to the European Union. This should not work and it brings short-term benefits because the results are on the side of Montenegro. Serbia negotiates a year and shorter than Montenegro, and has 12 open chapters, not to mention the problem with Kosovo. On the other hand, you have Montenegro that fully carries out a common European foreign policy, and already in all chapters introduces European standards and in some ways already functions as an EU member. These are all facts that the gentlemen in Brussels do not admit,’ says Đenero.” (translated from Crna.Gora.me)