“Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says he does not believe that a change to the format of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is possible.

Speaking for Prva TV late on Monday, (Ivica) Dacic also said that he had no information that former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could become her country’s special envoy for the Balkans.

‘I saw Condoleezza about 20 days ago in the UAE. I also met with John Kerry. They have been freed, so to speak, of their political obligations. She didn’t tell me that she had such ambitions, and we spoke about it publicly,’ Dacic stressed.

‘I don’t believe that some change to the format is possible. Why would somebody include only one side? Washington cannot join – although, they can join. Each time I went to Brussels some (US State Department official) Hoyt Yee of the time was waiting to see me. They’ve always been there, behind the scenes…,’ Dacic said.

‘We need Trump, we need Tillerson… the new administration. The old administration doesn’t want to solve the problem, but to legalize what they did in the Balkans,’ he said.” (B92)