“The coalition will focus on joint interests that serve to Bosnia and Herzegovina but NATO is not one of them, said Serb leader, Milorad Dodik, commenting on the coalition plan between his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), which he discussed with the HDZ BiH leader this weekend.

‘We do not support what the HDZ (BiH) advocates about joining the NATO, there is no harmonisation on that and it is clear this won’t happen without our will,’ underlined Dodik.

Dodik and Covic met on Sunday in an informal meeting, to discuss forming of a coalition, which would, as Covic wrote on his Twitter account, be committed to implementation of reforms on the road to the European Union and ‘have a clear and harmonised approach in solving the issue of Election Law, which proved its weaknesses once again in the previous election.'” (N1)