“Within the framework of the three-day visit of KiM, the member of the BiH Presidency of the Republic of Srpska, Mladen Ivanić, today visited the Velika Hoča, the Monastery of Zociste, the monastery in the vicinity of Prizren, and Gracanica.

During the three-day visit of the Serbian monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija, Mladen Ivanić visited the church of the Holy Virgin Ljeviška, the St. George’s Assembly Church, the Holy Archangel Monastery and the Prizren Lecture, where he talked with clergy, teachers and students and the Serbian people living in Kosovo.

According to Ivanić’s cabinet, he said that he was happy to be again in Kosovo and Metohija and that he had the opportunity to see the Peja Patriarchate, but also in numerous Serbian monasteries and churches.

‘The obligation of all of us who are doing public affairs is to help and to be with our people in Kosovo and Metohija, because them staying here means a lot. Kosovo and Metohija are important for the Serbian people, which we always have to return and what we always need to treat us as our own. Kosmet and his holy people deserve mutual support,’ Ivanić said.” (Radio KiM)