“Bosnia’s citizens are not as divided as their political leaders portray them to be, and any attempt to weaken the state or the rule of law in the country leads to instability in the region, US Senator Roger Wicker said after meeting with the members of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency.

Accompanied by a delegation of US Congress representatives, Wicker, who is acting Chairman of the US Congressional Security and Co-operation Commission, told reporters Bosnia needs to change urgently in order to make further progress toward the European Union and NATO.

‘Bosnia cannot continue its Euro-Atlantic integration process in this way. We call upon all diplomatic representatives to prevent the weakening of the rule of law and human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina as we would not like to see that anywhere else in the world,’ he said, warning that those who are working against the rule of law in the country must face “harsh sanctions”, including travel bans and the blocking of resources.

‘Also, we must work together with Bosnia’s leaders on fighting foreign influences in the country, as this can make it even more unstable,’ he said.” (N1)