On July 5, the Macedonian parliament will vote for a second on ratifying the name change agreement with Greece.

After Macedonia signed an agreement with Greece to rename itself “North Macedonia” and end the naming dispute with its southern neighbour, the country’s parliament voted on ratifying the agreement. The Macedonian Parliament saw 69 voted for the ratification and 40 against it.

The vote was signed by Talat Xhaferi, the Speaker of Parliament, who then sent it to the country’s president, Gjorge Ivanov. The President refused to sign. Last week, Ivanov announced to the Parliament that he will not ratify the agreement at all.

Reportedly, the next vote will require the approval of 61 MPs for the motion to pass. The head-of-state will be obliged to sign it. Talat Xhaferi was quoted as saying that the parliament must enforce its decision and could turn to the Constitutional Court in order to do so.” (Nezavisen)