“The Risayet (head of the Islamic Community in the Balkans) in BiH and Directorate General of the Republic of Turkey signed an agreement in Sarajevo regarding financing and completion of the headquarters of the riyaset.

The money that the  Directorate General Republic of Turkey money will pay should be sufficient for the continuation of work and its completion. The building of the administrative headquarters of the Istlamic Community in BiH began nine years ago and still hasn’t been finished. 10 million Bosnian Marks (6,041,785.95) are required to finish the project.
The decision to build the permanent headquarters of the Islamic Community in BiH in Sarajevo’s Kovaci neighborhood was adopted on 26 June 2007 and construction commenced in February 2009. The deadline for the completion of the project was 2011, but it came to a screeching halt when the money went missing.” (translated from klix.ba)