“The Russian Yandex.Taxi online service has started operating in Belgrade, a statement said on Tuesday adding that Serbia is the first central European country that the service is available in.

Yandex.Taxi does not work directly with cab drivers but with their companies and has access to more than 600 drivers through partner companies in Belgrade.

Taxis are ordered via a free app which sends the driver the location to which to come. The app uses data on traffic and distance to decide which cab to call.

Yandex.Taxi director Musheg Saakyan said the company decided to come to Serbia because the taxi market is fully formed with the same prices for all companies. ‘We decided to use quality of service, app design and smart technologies as competitive advantages,’ he said and explained that the app calls the closest driver, defines the shortest route and looks for a new customer at the destination which means drivers spend less time waiting.” (N1)