“The Russian ambassador to Bosnia-Herzegovina has indefinitely postponed a visit to Srebrenica after a local official turned down his request to visit the memorial complex where the victims of the 1995 massacre are buried.

Ambassador Petr Ivancov was set to visit Srebrenica and meet with local authorities on June 26, but he canceled the visit after the town’s Muslim Bosniak deputy mayor, Nermin Alivukovic, turned down his request to visit the memorial center.

Alivukovic told the FENA news agency that he couldn’t “allow anyone who denies the genocide in Srebrenica” to visit the memorial center in Potocari.

‘We know very well what Russia’s position on this issue is. It’s the position they put forward at the United Nations, putting a veto on the resolution on the Srebrenica genocide,’ he also said.” (RFE/RL)